Tri Nguyen
Tri Nguyen

Hi all, as you can read this page that means I have completely dropped my old Wordpress blog. Sorry for that if you can’t download the code or access the old content anymore. I don’t have the code, too. Just forget to backup the code before give the laptop back to the old company. And now all things gone.

Today when I look back, I didn’t write anything in last 3 years. A lot of things happened to me. Good things, bad things and I just didn’t have any motivation to write anymore. I loved sharing and writing but now the motivation have just gone away.

Moreover maintaining a Wordpress CMS is not such an easy thing. I need a host, I need to setup the environment, I need to configure things and keep them safe from the hackers. It brings a lot of works to me now.

Therefore I decide to unplug the old one and start a new journey with a static blog platform by Jekyll and Github Pages. The Vietnamese has an idiom “When the old one doesn’t go, how the new one can come?”. With this new one, I just use it as a place for writing notes. So, there will be no hint, trick, tutorial anymore. Just some notes of mine.

If you would like to access the old post, you can read it here Hintdesk Backup

Wish you all a happy and lucky new year 2022. I hope the Corona pandemic will be over in 2022.


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